Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We've Had Two Lost Decades -- Will The Next Ten Years Be America's Decade? -- November 23, 2016

Wow -- GDP Now:

Latest forecast: 3.6 percent — November 23, 2016.
The GDPNow model forecast for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the fourth quarter of 2016 is 3.6 percent on November 23, unchanged from November 17.

The contributions of real equipment investment and real inventory investment to fourth-quarter growth increased from 0.32 percentage points to 0.38 percentage points and 0.50 percentage points to 0.56 percentage points, respectively, after this morning's advance durable manufacturing report from the U.S. Census Bureau.
The forecast of fourth-quarter real residential investment growth declined from 10.8 percent to 7.1 percent after yesterday's existing-home sales release from the National Association of Realtors and this morning’s releases on new single-family home sales, prices, and construction costs from the Census Bureau.
Deere Hits All-Time High
Jumps 10% Today

At $101.10, up $9.08 today.

The Political Page

From twitter: Trump nemesis Mark Cuban quietly meets with Steve Bannon. At one time Mark Cuban supported Trump and at one time Cuban even said he would be willing to take job in Trump's administration.

The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Family's Century of Art and Loss
 Edmund de Waal, 
c. 2010

Preface, from Charles Swann, Cities of the Plain, Marcel Prout:
Even when one is no longer attached to things,
it's still something to have been attached to them;
because it was always for reasons which other people didn't grasp.

Now that I'm a little too weary to live with other people,
these old feelings,
so personal and individual,
that I had in the past, seem to me --
it's the mania of all collectors -- very precious.

I open my heart to myself like a sort of vitrine,
and examine one by one all those love affairs
of which the world can know nothing.

And of this collection to which I'm now much more attached than to my others,
I say to myself,
rather as Mazarin said of his books,
but in fact without the least distress,
that it will be very tiresome to have to leave it all.
That's the way I feel about Yorkshire, England.
I am still attached to Yorkshire,
for reasons I don't understand,
and for reasons other people will never grasp.

Now that I'm a little too weary to live with other people,
these old feelings,
so personal and individual,
these old feelings,
that I had in the past,
these old feelings
remain, still, very precious.

And of this collection of feelings about Yorkshire,
I'm more attached than ever.
I say to myself, unlike Marcel,
that I say it with distress,
that it will be impossible to ever forget her. 

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