Friday, June 11, 2021

And There It Is: $71 -- And, Oh, By The Way -- China Committed To Cutting Emissions? Not! -- June 11, 2021

First things first: old news, but I forgot to post -- Oklahoma beats Florida State for Women's College World Series (SOFTBALL) championship; wins two of three in a great series.  5 - 1 in the deciding game.

In winning four straight to get to the best-of-three championship series, the Sooners overcame deficits against UCLA and James Madison. Sandwiched in between was letting a 3-0 lead over the Dukes slip away before coming through late to stay alive.

In 2000, the Sooners were the Little Engine That Could, beating powerhouses UCLA and Arizona — which had combined to win 10 of the last 11 titles before the year — to win an improbable national title in their own backyard.

Now, it’s OU which has become the power, winning four more times including three of the last five.

Now, back to business.

Perhaps one of the banners for the ages. 

The Argusmedia story: China sets grid-parity prices for renewable power. 

And, oh, by the way, the news coming out of the Biden administration suggests that this administration will push the price of oil and natural gas as high as it can. Some of the outcomes will be deliberate and expected; some outcomes will be entirely unexpected.


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    1. Yes, I noted the same thing.

      I don't even know what Brent is any more, as an oil product; it has been "re-defined." If I recall correctly, "Brent suppliers" were allowed to blend US light oil (Texas oil) with "Brent." Less and less "true" Brent being produced. Again, I've long lost the bubble on this one. Doesn't matter in the big scheme of things to me.