Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Free Verse, Couplets, And Quatrains From All Over -- May 4, 2021


  • active cases in North Dakota have dropped below 1,000, only the second time since late March (what year?); but,
  • vaccinations have plateaued;

Deer hunting season:

  • ND will make 72,200 deer hunting licenses available;
  • sixth consecutive year of an increase
  • greatest number of licenses in ten years
  • global warming --> lots of food --> less loss during winter.

Intellectual Froglegs:

  • Joe Dan Gorman hopes to have a new episode up this weekend;
  • reminds us how incredible the former president really was .. as president.

New metric:

  • boepd / net mineral acre; quick snapshot in time:
  • OAS Bakken: 0.15
  • CLR Bakken: 0.18
  • [? operator] Permian: 0.30

OAS: buys FANG's QEP assets in the Bakken

  • today: looks way over-priced;
  • six months from now: great deal for everyone;


  • hits $7 / bushel for first time since 2013 on supply worry;
  • can that be considered inflation when it hasn't hit this level in eight years; inflation, catching up, or simply transitory supply and demand?

Pop(corn) quiz:

  • what year did ethanol's popularity take off, turning corn from a food source only into an energy source as well? graphic pending
  • asking for a friend

Wokeness and ESG: how are they alike?

  • both simply replace the tough work of actual governance with euphemistic language
  • I saw that in the Oasis corporation presentation for April, 2021; nothing changed but the PowerPoint verbiage:

Patrick De Haan:

  • sees more likelihood of prices rising than falling; 
  • estimates by June 1, 2021, we could see national average close to $3 / gallon;
  • $3 / gallon? last seen in 2014;
  • we're only one major refinery issue away from a larger surge
  • memo to self: check up on the XOM Beaumont refinery work stoppage threat

Dueling spreadsheets:

  • Jay Powell: we're not going to raise rates;
  • Janet Yellen: here, hold my beer.

Used cars:

  • all of a sudden, looking good
    • today, a used car is 52% more expensive than one year ago, early 2020;
    • 27% more expensive than at the end of 2020

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