Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Targeted Ads -- May 4, 2021

Okay -- this is it. I'm off the net until the market "comes back." Let know when it's safe. LOL.

Meanwhile, it's Lana Del Rey time. 

All this hand-wringing about google, et al, tracking me and sending me ads based on my (perceived) interests. I love it.

Today, this (Huusk, Japan) popped up on my blog. Who knew?

I love knives. I will definitely have fun with this. Generally, it's been my experience, when targeted, I am sent ads for high quality, generally more-than-I want-to-pay-for items but, nonetheless, items I love to view. 

Targeted ads are completely different than spam e-mail in which I am asked to review products of which I have no interest and would never answer. And also so much better than robo-calls. By the way, I have lots of fun with telemarketers. When I get a call and have nothing else going on, I love bantering with the telemarketer until "they" hang up. LOL.

So, back to Huusk, Japan.

And then to Amazon.

Premium kitchen knives:

  • Brooklyn Knife Co.
  • lots of Japanese knives, but no Huusk

I generally won't order something if it's not available on Amazon. 

Has Amazon usurped Consumer Reports, UL-Certified, etc?

But the ad got me looking.

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