Monday, April 12, 2021

Reader Reads The DAPL Tea Leaves -- April 12, 2021

From a reader, highly edited to maintain anonymity. If the reader does not want this posted, let me know and I will remove:

The tea leaves suggest President Biden won’t step on ND DAPL after dealings with MHA Nation chief Mark Fox who went from 2016 NODAPL to current PRODAPL since 50% of MHA production rides DAPL. 
Mark wrote letter for Biden administration, gave to Ness in ND & legislators but not sure it went to DC. 
My gut says since MHA got Federal lease exception for 7 ND counties he may have stirred up Biden-American-Indian-appointed staff to push for keeping DAPL OPEN. 
Fox has been in Bismarck making his case for new taxes on MHA reservation oil, federal lease exemptions he secured, and keeping DAPL OPEN. Ron Ness wanted his DAPL letter sent to Biden, I read recently. 

Who knows but sounds more positive imho.

More than a dozen of our ND operators use DAPL so I’m hopeful.

The MAG 1 well & some other (JROC1) stratigraphic testing locations appear to be getting ready for EOR to come full circle. I hope to find out more on my upcoming trip to ND, soon. We have multiple tracts around MAG 1 within a stone's throw, as they say. Of course I’m highly exuberant about the Basin in ND.

NARO (National Association of Royalty Owners)

No in-person ND NARO meeting this June. NARO will be virtual per ND NARO president (e-mail). Virtual meeting to be announced. Oklahoma has October NARO in person.

Hopefully "the judge" is listening.  

Michele Chiarlo

Link here.  

Some say it is the best dessert wine in the world. 

I will let you know my thoughts later. 



My wife said it was the best dessert wine she had ever tasted. It will now be here "go-to" dessert wine. LOL.

I would agree -- for a dessert wine, top shelf.

But for sipping while watching reruns of Columbo: Gater Bite is still my go-to ...

... and lo and behold, here I am ... watching an old re-run of Columbo -- "The Greenhouse Jungle," season 2, episode 2, October 15, 1972.

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