Monday, April 5, 2021

Notes From All Over -- Mid-Morning -- Easter Monday -- April 5, 2021

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Twelve active rigs in the Bakken today:

The operators:

  • MRO: Denny, Saxvik, Bowman USA,
  • CLR: Gordon Federal, Gale, Carus,
  • WPX: Charles Blackhawk,
  • Hess: EN-Rice, BL-Frisinger
  • Whiting: Lacey
  • Petro-Hunt: Hurinenko
  • Crescent Point Energy: CPEUSC Burgess

COP: from SeekingAlpha (remember, most contributions are available without subscription when first released but then require a subscription later on to access). COP with new focus on shareholder returns.

Blackrock and ESG: interview with former company's sustainability chief, Forbes. Recipe for failures.

CEO pay cuts: as fossil energy companies pivot to renewable energy -- Rigzone --

  • Total CEO: pay dropped by 36.4%:
  • lowest figure in his tenure as CEO
  • Royal Dutch Shell CEO: pay dropped by almost 50% -- that would be half -- last year
  • went from $12 million to $7 million. Crocodile tears.
  • Dak Prescott: $160 million over four years

Apple news:

  • LG calls it quits on smartphones, WSJ, previously posted but now a headline story in the WSJ;
  • tea leaves -- AAPL to announce dividend raise of 5 to 7% later this month
  • Auto sales blowout quarter, ZeroHedge; previously posted but another look;
  • pent-up demand;
  • shortage of available models due to semiconductor shortage

Flashback: Saudi's ill-timed surge in oil exports one year ago --

  • WorldOil, March 31, 2020; clear sign that the price war was in full swing;
  • KSA had loaded several of the supertankers it leased earlier that month to boost its ability to increase exports;
  • KSA has been shuttling large amounts of crude oil into storage in Egypt, a stepping stone to the European market;
  • goal: supply a record 12.3 million bbls/day, up from 9.7 million b/d in February, 2020
  • decision made after Russia failed to sign on to additional cuts in production;
  • decision made in early days of lockdown, suggesting Riyadh mis-calculated extent of global impact of Covid-19
  • from PeakOilBarrel: graphic pending

A Very, Very Small Rack of Lamb

We are still settling into our new apartment -- whoo-hoo -- I've never done a rack of lamb, for a variety of reasons, always lamb chops, but eager to try to something new -- and turned out "perfect." Even though it was a very, very small rack, we had one rib left over. I think a rack of lamb is easier than lamb chops and much more delicious, although that could be due to less trimming of the fat on the rack than I do on the lamb chops. Photos (ignore the messy kitchen; as noted, we are still moving in):

Meanwhile a reader sent photos of an incredible leg of lamb done on his Weber, for party of 14 people or so:

About an hour later.



How to butterfly and prepare a leg of lamb. Butterflying the leg of lamb is critical to an even thickness of the meat and uniform grilling.

My understanding is that this reader has a fairly impressive outdoor kitchen / grilling set-up, but both of us enjoy seeing how absolutely versatile a simple Weber is.


  1. Looks like you nailed it. Bravo

    1. Thank you. I doubt I will ever duplicate that first try at rack of lamb again. It was quite incredible. Generally, I let the lamb chops marinade overnight, as long as twenty-four hours some times; this time, only six hours. Maybe that was the difference. And I also cut back a slight bit on the balsamic vinegar.

      Lamb recipe here: