Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh Dead At Age 70 -- February 17, 2021

Talk radio will never be the same. Whether you liked him or hated him, could take him or leave him, without question he had the best political mind of any talk radio host.


  1. I was never a huge dittohead. Prefer smarter conservative commenters like Buckley or Buchanan. But obviously he was a good radio host. Jumped on an underserved market. And good technical radio commenter.

    Rush was just starting to go national when I graduated in 88. Hadn't heard him before. The big thing back then was The Greaseman in DC, and before him Howard Stern (neither were national yet). I remember hearing him on some radio in FL and a colleague being surprised as was local before...but he was breaking out then.

    In the early 90s, I was in SD and listed to KFI (LA talk, strong signal). They had a cool program one day and had all the hosts together for a sort of kaffee klatsch. Rush was national by then. Rest of hosts were local, but Rush joined and was very collegial (and really they all were colleagues!) One of the questions was about if had lived in sin and people were surprised to learn that Rush had shacked up before.

    Of interest, several of the local KFI hosts eventually became national. Tammy Bruce was originally a liberal! But listenable to.

    1. I became interested Rush Limbaugh when Hillary Clinton and Obama were on the national stage. I enjoyed Limbaugh during much of the time Trump was president. Obviously after the Biden win, I stopped listening to him completely except to check in once in awhile to get an update from him on his illness.

      But lost all interest in politics. I've mentioned that on the blog: there will still be some political comments and posts, but I've moved from following politics to following the market to fill the void when there is not a lot of Bakken news, and to put the Bakken into perspective.