Thursday, February 18, 2021

Blogging Will Be Intermittent -- Working Off A Cell Phone Hotspot -- February 18, 2021

First group:

Second group:

Crisis: Bloomberg says "crisis." WTI surging. It's down today. 

Back to the Bakken

No wells coming off confidential list through the end of this week / weekend. 

Active rigs:

Active Rigs1556645640


  1. Hey Bruce I miss your snarky "global cooling" comments every time there was a snow storm somewhere. I thought they were cute and pithy (maybe pissy too). I know they gave you endless hours of feeling smug. Maybe not so much now that it's in your very own back yard? And who's to say that there's not a climate change component to the situation in Texas? Wouldn't that be a hoot? Har har

  2. You are so correct. With power out and helping others with their problems due to global warming hitting ALL of Texas I have had to minimize my non-Bakken comments and posts. Not to worry. Once everything is back to normal, you will see I haven't changed.

    Having said that. I've pretty much lost interest in global warming. The purpose of the blog is to entertain and to help me understand the issues. Now that I understand "global warming," I've lost interest.

    I've moved on to investing for the most part. I talked about that on the blog; I know it's hard to keep up. I apologize. The blog moves fast. If one reads the the original "blog" note one will know whom I am channeling.

    So, anyway, I am blown away by how quickly Texas and Texans have responded. This latest "global warming" event is pretty much behind us. The snow is melting; the sun is out; and, it's another awesome day in Texas.

    Wow, I love this state!. For the life of me I can't understand why Ted Cruz would vacation in Cancun, Mexico, when there is so much to do in Texas.

    And, hey, how about those Cowboys.

    This will load slowly; I'm working off an iPhone hotspot. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to write.

  3. Response? What response?
    You mean like this?
    As far as I can tell the "response?" was to cower in their dark, cold homes with frozen pipes and ride it out and many are not out of the woods yet. A response to be proud of is one that makes is less likely that history will repeat. You your self have written repeatedly that nothing of the kind is going to happen.
    Good luck in the future though.

  4. You understand global warming?
    Ignorance is truly bliss.

    1. Yes, ten years ago I knew nothing about "global warming," the science, the politics, the issues. But over time, I"ve formed my own worldview, my own myth regarding global warming and I feel quite comfortable with it. I don't know that I would call it bliss, but it no longer interests me. My worldview of "global warming" will be tweaked as new information becomes available but for quite some time now, I haven't seen anything new "under the sun." Pun intended.

  5. Not sure global warming will be a problem in the future anyway. "Anonymous" is a repersentation of what is happening to society. Instead of engaging in a mature conversation, they attack. Look how parts of 1st world countries, even USA, are becoming third world like. The violence, anger, disrespect, hatred, intolerence, lack of love. people murdering each other. the earth would be better off if planet of the apes did come true. people might not be around for global warming to take hold and kill the earth. 100-200 years from now might not matter.

    1. I used to not post that comments at all in the past. I still watch very carefully what comments I let get posted. If the comments provide something from which we can learn, I will post them. If not, they get deleted.

      E-mail to my account (which requires a return e-mail address, obviously) runs 100 - 1 vs comments. One-hundred helpful e-mails for every comment.

      About 90% of all comments are posted. Five percent are not posted because there may be something in the comment that might expose who "anonymous" was. The other five percent is simply anger of some sort which I don't understand.

      I appreciate your comments and kind words about the blog.

      The other reason I post some of these comments that I used to not post in the past: I was getting bored of all the "crisis" stories about Texas. Posting the comments you reference broke up the boredom. LOL.

      Anyway, enough of this. I'm in a location where I have full internet now; I assume "my own" internet will be back on next week.

  6. 2nd Timothy 3: 2-5 is how people are now. today. doesnt matter what a personn thinks of the bible. thats how people are now. 100-200 years from now, might not be a problem if humans keep killing each other and treating each other the way they do today.

    1. I was part of the "hateful" group early on -- I've changed considerably.

      The "person" that taught me to change: Elon Musk.

      Wow, I gave Elon Musk a lot of grief early on. But, no more. I admire him -- not everything about him, of course but a lot.

      I've talked to my son-in-law -- high up in a Fortune 500 company. I told him that on the continuum of pessimism/negativity to optimism/positivity, Elon Musk is at the far end to the right (optimism/negativity).

      My son-in-law agreed: optimism goes a lot farther than negativity in business.

      Right, wrong, or indifferent, Elon Musk is trying to change the world for the better. Always thinking outside the box. Building things.

      Guys like John Kerry? Trying to change the world for the better? I'm not convinced. Instead of coming up with positive ways to effect change, he's seems to be all about tearing things down, stopping things.

      For example, the CO2 emitted by CBR will be a whole lot more than then CO2 emitted by the Keystone XL.

      [That matters only if one assumes CO2 is an issue; for me, it is not.]
      Much more could be written, I'll leave it at that.

  7. hahahaha funny "broke up the boredom". I like giving you nice comments on the blog, you deserve it.