Saturday, August 24, 2019

Off To A Slow Start -- Soccer Season Begins -- August 24, 2019

I'm off to a late start and a slow start due to family commitments. Two granddaughters have their first soccer game of the season, so lots of Uber-granddaughter driving today. This will be Sophia's first soccer game ever. She just turned five. This should be quite a hoot.

Oh, I forgot. The real reason I'm off to a slow start: we lost our wi-fi / cable at the house overnight. Happens rarely. I assume it will be back up and running by the end of the day. I  might "miss" the PGA FedEx championship third round but based on what I've seen of that tournament so far, I doubt I will miss anything worth watching. 

First things first. I was duped, suckered. I certainly was not awake when I posted an earlier note. I've updated it, taking full responsibility. Sorry. It isn't the first time I screwed up; it won't be the last.

Years ago I remember following a blogger like me who was a gazillion times better analyzing what was going on in the US shale revolution, a regular contributor and highly respected contributor to Seeking Alpha.

One day he made a "major" error. He was so distraught; he felt that he had lost all credibility, said he would quit blogging for that reason and he did. Unless he's come back under a new pseudonym he no longer writes about the shale revolution. Huge loss.

Enough of that.

Two links and then if I get time I will come back to this story. This has to do with EV trucks being built by Daimler (the Mercedes Benz company) in Portland, Oregon:
Later: the update here

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