Sunday, July 21, 2019

Flood Warnings For Williston Area -- City Won't Flood -- Some Oil Pads Will Be Under Water -- July 21, 2019

Link here.

And I thought global warming was going to end all this flooding; just a lot of never-ending drought. I do believe ever since faux environmentalists started looking at fake data, we've had more rain than ever. Just saying.

I do not recall flood warnings ever in Williston this time of year when I was growing up there. Williston / Missouri River is prone to flooding every spring, but this is late July. We should be well beyond flood warnings. Wow. And I assume if there are flood warnings this far north, the problem exists farther south. If not, the government has not been releasing water from the dam fast enough.

I also haven't seen any news stories on this; was this a surprise? 

Garrison Dam water release, a pdf will download.

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