Monday, May 6, 2019

Top Story In Paris Over The Weekend -- HIgh Gasoline Prices -- May 6, 2019

From a reader after I posted the graphic below:
France, 1Q19 -- GDP 0.3%; current unemployment 8%; gasoline priced over $5.00/gallon.
The US left wants the US to be like the EU. Need I say more?
 I filled gas Friday at Fleet Farm in Fargo. Price was $2.51.9 with 4 cent discount. Gas retailers have access to three pipelines in Fargo. Competition.


  1. The Foolish French are Setting on the Paris Basin, it is identical in all features to the Bakken.. NO the genius of the Country Banned Fraccing..
    No oil workers, No oil royalty for the country and NO oil for refined gasoline. I hope gasoline Doubles from these prices.. don

  2. Really incredible. The policies from the top people that have forgotten the common people.