Thursday, May 9, 2019

Random Look At A Petro Harvester Madison Well In Portal Oil Field -- May 9, 2019

Again, for newbies: this is not a Bakken well. This is a Madison well in the center of the Williston Oil Basin; the well is north of Williston. The well is located 1.75 miles south of the Canadian border. There is a fair amount of activity in this area.

The well:
  • 33938, drl, Petro Harvester Operating Company, LLC, PTL2 4-28 164-92 C, target: Madison, Portal oil field, some production reported;
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

From the well file:
  • permit says the spacing unit is 560 acres (slightly less than the standard section of 640 acres)
  • target: Midale/Nesson Porosity; 30' thick seam; 
  • this grassroots well was spud on November 9 and reached TD of 15,175' MD on November 28, 2108
  • approx 2.5 miles southwest of Portal, ND, in the central portion of the Williston Basin
  • lateral #1 produced 7,924' of 6" openhole volume after intermediate casing point of 6,619' MD in the 30' foot thick Midale/Nesson Target (92% in Target)
  • vertical hole drilled to 1,373 MD'
  • KOP in the Triassic Spearfish formation
  • the Mississippian lower Midale target top was drilled at 6,490' MD / 5,923' TVD
  • TD on November 3, 2018
  • TD was projected to be 8,880.04' 
  • [0.04' = 0.48 inch]
  • average background gas, 450 units
  • connection gases as high as 3,800 units
  • "prepared for an anticipated hydraulic frac job to enhance, then produce, the moderately tight porosity / permeability observed in the Midale/Nesson target


  1. Produced water vs. oil. Wow. I wonder what the profit is having to dispose of all of that water.

    1. On the flip side of the coin, look at the money that can be made hauling water. Harold Hamm began his career hauling water.