Wednesday, September 12, 2018

US Gasoline Demand -- I Certainly Cannot Explain It -- September 12, 2018

I've talked about this a lot. I certainly can't explain it -- link here:

"Big number" data suggests that air travel this past travel season (summer 2018) explains why US gasoline demand lagged that of summer 2017. Probably a stretch, but:
  • big number data supports the conjecture (see EIA data this post)
  • the 2018 economy was on fire compared to the economy in 2017, and even the 2017 economy was doing well
Trans Mountain Pipeline News Today

I particularly enjoy the first story --- was / is "the fight" worth it?

From the linked article:

The city of Burnaby says it has spent $1.12 million in legal costs to fight the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project since 2014.

City Manager Lambert Chu says he can’t break down individual cost for each court case Burnaby has fought and lost, and the associated fees.

“By disclosing the breakdown we are also sharing information on how are legal strategy was constructed.”
Millennials And Journaling

This is so interesting. Do you remember this note from this post?
Making lists .... "Others, like the list of eggs, are stock-keeping exercises: taking the measure of our gold. This kind of listmaking is coming back into vogue among millennials with the rise of 'journaling': a habit of listing the good things that happened during the day as a way of improving mental health."
I read that note to my wife, and then I asked myself: has anyone else noted this "habit" among millennials?

See this link over at Forbes.

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