Friday, March 2, 2018

No Blogging Until Saturday Evening -- Good Luck To All -- Bakken To Get Hit With Global Warming This Week -- March 2, 2018

Thank you for everyone's patience today. I did not post much and I only just got the daily activity report posted. Many family commitments today. Fridays are supposed to be my day off but they are becoming busier than expected.

Anyway, I'm tired. Not "sleepy tired," but mentally fatigued. I might take a few hours off from the blog to catch up on classic movies and some news.

I love TCM (Turner Classic Movies) but I do wish there were four commercial breaks during each movie. I would like to have scheduled breaks which would allow me to re-fresh my popcorn and diet cola. TCM has no commercials, and it actually drives me nuts. I also wish the presenter Ben Mankiewicz was given more time to talk more about the movies.

For now, don't expect much from the blog until tomorrow evening.

Television sports:
  • PGA: apparently there's a PGA tournament, but I did not see Tiger Woods on the leaderboard.
  • NASCAR: apparently in Las Vegas this weekend, with one race Saturday (FS1) and the big race Sunday (Fox) 
Family sports:
  • water polo, oldest granddaughter, Sunday
  • soccer, middle granddaughter; games canceled both weekend days due to drenched/soggy fields; Olympic Program Development (OPD) practice has not yet been postponed
  • gymnastics and swimming lessons for Sophia, age 3, in the morning; otherwise free
Global Warming Hits The Bakken

Forecasts suggest up to 16 inches of snow accumulation this next week in the Bakken. I honestly do not recall this much snow, except maybe when I was in first or second grade, falling in Williston between 1953 and 1969 when I was growing up in Williston.

Look at these forecasts:

In the graphic below, the total accumulation is "modeled" to hit 15.9". In Canada, north of Williston, up to 24 inches or more.

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