Monday, February 26, 2018

Great Lakes Ice Coverage -- February 26, 2018

Don suggested the idea. Thank you.

Historical ice coverage of the Great Lakes:
In the chart above, if you can see a trend, I'm impressed. After Algore's book came out in 2006, the surface ice coverage over the Great Lakes was greater in ten (10) of twelve (12) years. And not by just a trivial amount. Wow, talk about perfect (and, lucky) timing. He could not have done as well had he been playing the slots in Las Vegas. I think my 2018 box might be a bit "short."

Great Lakes ice coverage of as of yesterday. This year's coverage actually looks more extensive than in 2007 but overall is not. Why? It appears the difference is Lake Superior. Link here. Remind me to check this link at the end of the season.

If you are having trouble with cognitive dissonance when it comes to "Algore experts" on global warming and what reality is telling you, see this post.

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