Thursday, November 10, 2016

Another Wind Farm Proposed For Williams County -- November 10, 2016

I can't remember if I posted this earlier but when I blogged about the two wind farms that were going up this summer in western North Dakota, I had also been told there would be two more wind farms announced.

Here's one of the two. Data links from The Tioga Tribune:
  • same developer as the Lindahl Wind Farm, currently under construction
  • Trade Wind Energy, a Kansas-based company; currently has about 20 projects under development throughout the US
  • planned for South Meadow township, just west of the Lindahl Wind Farm
  • northern border: a few miles south of Wildrose; southeast corner of the new farm will stretch down to the same southern borders of the Lindahl Wind Farm
Another story posted by The Williston Herald, November 21, 2016. 
  • initial step is to place six (6) meteorological towers to collect wind data
  • it will take up to a year to collect that information

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