Friday, October 28, 2016

Wow, CVX; Williston -- Headline Story In Oil & Gas Journal; Soybeans Surging -- October 26, 2016

Wow, CVX:
  • CVX: story here; 3Q16 earnings of $1.3 billion, down from $2 billion in 3Q15; surprises with a dividend hike; stronger than expected earnings; 68 cents vs 37 to 40 cents; wow;  
I remember over the years being told that CVX was the weakest among COP, XOM, and CVX. COP posts a $1 billion loss in 3Q16; XOM under SEC investigation; and CVX surprises with earnings and an increase in the dividend, which of course sent share price up.

Williston: Headline Story in Oil & Gas Journal
From Oil & Gas Journal today on US rig counts: Williston’s biggest jump in 2 years.
US land-based rigs gained 5 units this week to 533, with rigs engaged in horizontal drilling also rising 5 units, reaching 450, up 136 since May 27.
Directional drilling rigs rose 3 units to 54. North Dakota and its Williston basin led the major oil- and gas-producing regions with a 5-unit jump to 35, representing their biggest increase since Aug. 8. 2014.

Soybean exports power US economy to best performance in two years. -- Reuters.

In 2014 - 2015, North Dakota moved up to 9th place: 202 million bushels in 2014; 190 million bushels in 2015.

In 2012 - 2013, North Dakota ranked 10th on the list for soybeans; 163 million bushels in 2012; 139 million bushels in 2013.

In 2004, North Dakota ranked 10th on the list for soybeans, based on cash receipts.  

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