Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Job Fair In Williston -- September 7, 2016

Data points from The Williston Herald:
  • "hundreds of jobs" but employers very selective
  • applicants need to come well prepared
  • #1 "complaint" of employers: applicants lack "professional presence"
  • job fair oversubscribed; ten employers on a wait-list to participate
  • job openings will probably tip over 1,000 soon
  • Halliburton has 2nd high number of job opening in Williams County
  • Halliburton making first appearance at this job fair in over a year
  • military veterans can arrive one-half hour early, giving them preference for jobs 
Flashback: The Accidental Breakthrough That Revolutionized American Energy 

From The Atlantic, back in 2013, before it changed it format and it editorial content.
The dramatic changes to the nation’s energy outlook are as surprising as they are clear. Seven years ago (2006), oil production was in steep decline and natural gas nearly as hard to find.
Today, the United States produces over 7.7 million barrels of oil a day, up over 50% since 2006 and the most in nearly 25 years. The nation could pump more than eleven million barrels a day by 2020. The U.S. is on track to pass Russia as the world’s largest energy producer and should have enough gas to last generations.
The wildcatters responsible for the transformation are as unexpected as the energy surge they produced. These men, operating on the fringes of the oil industry and often without backgrounds in geology or engineering, met success drilling and hydraulic fracturing extremely dense shale, a process that’s become known as fracking.
George Mitchell is the father of the energy revolution. His impact eventually could approach that of Henry Ford. Mitchell and his team weren’t out to change history, though. They just wanted to keep their company alive.
A very, very nice historical article. Well worth the read.

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