Sunday, July 26, 2015

SM Energy"s Hot Spot In Divide County, North Of Williston, North Dakota -- July 26, 2015

Connecting a couple of dots.

First dot: back on December 27, 2014, I posted a graphic of the "hot spots" in the Bakken. One area caught me by surprise, a hot spot in northern Divide County near the Canadian border. This is not where a "sweet spot" is expected to be found.

Second dot: operators have circled the wagons around the hot spots in McKenzie County, mostly around Watford City. With one exception: SM Energy continues to drill in Divide County and continues to add additional permits in that area.

So, I was curious. What does the NDIC GIS map show?

The graphic below matches exactly the "hot spot" in Divide County noted at the linked article above.

The rigs are here:
  • 31244, ros, SM Energy, Dusty 14B-9HS, West Ambrose,
  • 31073, ros, SM Energy, Inez 1B-16HN, West Ambrose,
  • 30405, ros, SM Energy, Alvin 4B-15HS, West Ambrose,
  • 31306, ros, SM Energy, Burtman 14B-23HS, Burg,
So what are the wells likely to be like? Smack in the middle of these wells being drilled, is a four-well pad:
  • 29648, 429, SM Energy, Beverly 2-16HN, West Ambrose, Three Forks, 17 stages, 2.5 million lbs, t4/15; cum 12K 5/15;
  • 29647, 336, SM Energy, Fay 2-16HS, West Ambrose, Three Forks, 26 stages, 2.4 million lbs, t5/15; cum 11K 5/15;
  • 29646, 429, SM Energy, Virgil 2B-16HN, West Ambrose, Bakken NOS, 30 stages, 2 million lbs, t4/15; cum 22K 5/15;
  • 29645, 367, SM Energy, Riley 2B-16HS, West Ambrose, Bakken NOS, 17 stages, 2 million lbs, t4/15; cum 13K 51/5;

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