Saturday, July 18, 2015

It Still Rounds To Zero When Rounded To The First Whole Number -- July 18, 2015

Being tweeted now by the EIA:

It says that 3% of 13% rounds to zero when rounded to the first whole number. 

(0.03*.13 = 0.0039).

Wind, at 0.34 * 0.13 = 4.4%.

And this is after a gazillion dollars in tax credits and subsidies for wind and solar energy; years of huge government and private investment in advocacy; years of state and federal regulations mandating renewable energy for ill-advised reasons; and, a highly successful war on coal by the president and the EPA.

Even with all that, the tea leaves now suggest that the public is souring on the idea of increased solar and wind farms in their backyards. But Florida, Minnesota, and Massachusetts residents love to see their electricity, like their corn and wheat, come from farms in North Dakota.

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