Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Random Look At Production / Well When The Boom Started And Eight Years Later -- May 13, 2015

This is mostly for newbies to the Bakken. These are screen shots from the NDIC web page, "general statistics," and then clicking on "historical monthly oil production statistics."

The Bakken boom began in 2007 in North Dakota. Data points from the first year of the boom (2007) are in the first data base (the column numbers are not in the first screen shot, but they are in the second screen shot):

Compare those numbers with those in the second screen shot, the data points for the most recent nine (9) months in which we have data:

There are many, many story lines. The single most interesting data point for me is in the second screen shot, February, 2015, "bbls per well," 2,796. It seems to be an outlier but I think it can be explained. But I will leave that for another day.

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