Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mercedes Sets High Bar For Rivals Audi, BMW In The Race For The Top Premium Brand -- April 8, 2015

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MarketWatch is reporting:
Mercedes-Benz sold nearly 15% more cars in the first quarter from the same period last year, setting the bar high for rivals Audi and BMW in the race for the top premium brand, amid strong demand for its C-Class sedans, sport-utility vehicles and luxury compact cars.
The German the luxury car maker owned by Daimler AG, said on Wednesday that it sold 429,602 cars in the quarter. Mercedes-Benz's sales growth accelerated in March when it sold nearly 16% more vehicles than in the same month last year.
Now, let's go back to that article on EV sales in March. Mercedes B-Class Electric was #10 on the list, having sold 145 of those EVs in March, 2015, compared with 0 in March, 2014 (obviously a new model). Sales of the Mercedes B-Class Electric, year-to-date: #9 on the list with 494 sold.

Surprise! Surprise!

Marathon bomber found guilty

565 comments so far.

Boston citizens stereotypically against the death penalty. I wonder if Pocahontas will weigh in; she's a legal scholar. My hunch is she won't touch this one with a 10-foot pole.

Jury decided in less time than an Apple Watch needs re-charging.

I like the "death penalty with no chance of parole and no chance of actually being put to death by society." Inmates facing a death penalty -- whether it happens or not -- are subject to different rules in prison than "life without chance of parole." 

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