Friday, February 21, 2014

The Farmers Get It: "Extraordinary Sites" List Is Bad, Bad News

The Dickinson Press is reporting:
“This is an insult to landowners,” Bowman said. “The biggest part of the area they are looking at is in my district. I can say this: If they ram this down our throats, we’ll shut down everything in western North Dakota. I’ll get a group of landowners together and shut down hunting on a huge area of private land. You can call me a radical, but that might be the last alternative we have.”
Opponents of the potential policy argue that it would be an overreach of government control over private property similar to an eminent domain power play. Backers of the proposal say it’s a needed measure to protect certain North Dakota landmarks and wild places from an onslaught of development of lands above the Bakken oil shale in the western part of the state.
I think the farmers, hunters, and everyone else realize that once the extraordinary sites is approved, the oil and gas industry won't be the only thing banned from the sites -- everything will be subject to approval, even farming, hunting, windmills. Oh, windmills? -- no, they will be fast-tracked.

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