Saturday, February 15, 2014

Random Photo Of Two Smokey Wells -- Sent In By A Reader

A reader was kind enough to send a photographs of two KOG Smokey wells and their markers:

Even zooming in, I had difficulty making out the names on the sign; zooming in brought them out of focus.

I track the Smokey wells here.

These might be:

2051650 KOGSmokey 15-22-15-2HSMcKPembroke12/11147K12/13
20596101 KOGSmokey 15-22-34-15HMcKPembroke1/12124K12/13

If they are, #20516 has an interesting story to tell: it came off confidential; produced for awhile; went back on confidential; re-fracked; huge story; see this post.

A big thank you to the reader for sending the photos. They add a lot to the blog. If I have the wrong file numbers, I'll correct them if alerted.

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