Friday, January 11, 2013

Wonderful Warm Spell Here In The East -- Lovin' It

Record-breaking temperatures expected in the East. I don't hear anyone complaining!
Daily record highs will fall by the wayside through the weekend in the South and East.  
In fact, records for the month of January were tied Wednesday in 4 Florida cities Wednesday:
  • Ft. Myers:  88
  • Lakeland:  87
  • Sarasota-Bradenton:  87
  • Tampa:  85
But back, closer to home, they, too are apparently enjoying great temperatures: on Thursday, International Falls, MN, reached 48 degrees, beating its previous record high for the day by seven degrees.

Meanwhile, as reported yesterday, California is facing an epic cold spell; the Grapevine in southern California was closed; I don't know if it's been opened yet. I assume it has.


  1. Now if those temps were record lows, you'd be citing them as proof that global warming is a myth!

    1. It's all global warming.

      The question that has never been answered: what is the "correct" global temperature? And "who" sets the thermostat? The "intelligent designer"?

      I assume the "optimum" temperature for a desert tortoise is different than the "optimum" temperature for a polar bear. Who decides who "we" should support, the polar bear or the desert tortoise?

      Regardless, I'm enjoying the warm weather here on the East Coast, and I don't hear many complaints.

  2. directors cut is out with some surprising numbers

    1. Thank you. I always forget to check the Director's Cut until someone reminds me. Thank you.