Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Look At 14 Wells in One Section for 2560-Acre Spacing in the Bakken

Earlier I posted a screen shot of 14 wells on 2560-acre spacing.  A reader commented on this, providing the location, just southwest of Williston, west of US Highway 85, north of the river. With that description easy to find on the GIS map server.

Here is my comment, posted at that site:
I finally took some time to look at the GIS map server and these fourteen wells. It is really, really impressive.

Three pads: one 6-well pad; one 4-well pad; one 4-well pad. In section 6-153-101.

All three pads, all fourteen wells, are in one long line west to east, or east to west, in the northwest quadrant of the section. And as noted, just to the northwest of these fourteen wells, in the same section, is a dedicated salt-water disposal well.

Think of the cost savings. One road out to the general area. One natural gas pipeline out to the general area. One rural electric power line out to the general area. Look at all the farmland that was not plowed under.
Say what you want, I think the way "they've" come up with the spacing AND the field rules have really helped make the development of the Bakken rational, sensible, and very, very fair to all involved. 

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