Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More On CLR's Fourteen (14) Wells Sited in Corner of One Section on 2560-Acre Spacing Unit

Note: I will be updating data for this 14-well pad at this post: CLR's Atlanta pad.

Fourteen wells on three pads (6-4-4) in the northwest quadrant of 6-153-101. See drilling exhibit here.

PermitStatusOperatorNameCountyFieldTest DateCUMStatus Date
23372ROSCLRAtlanta 1-6HWmsBaker------
23371LOCCLRAtlanta 2-6HWmsBaker------
23370LOCCLRAtlanta 3-6HWmsBaker------
23369LOCCLRAtlanta 4-6HWmsBaker------
23368LOCCLRAtlanta 5-6HWmsBaker------
23367LOCCLRAtlanta 6-6HWmsBaker------
23366LOCCLRAtlanta 7-6HWmsBaker------
23365LOCCLRAtlanta 8-6HWmsBaker------
23364LOCCLRAtlanta 9-6HWmsBaker------
23363LOCCLRAtlanta 10-6HWmsBaker------
23362LOCCLRAtlanta 11-6HWmsBaker------
23361LOCCLRAtlanta 12-6HWmsBaker------
23360LOCCLRAtlanta 13-6HWmsBaker------
23359LOCCLRAtlanta 14-6HWmsBaker------

The wells are all confidential, and the names of the wells do not help us sort out which formation is being targeted. A quick look at the 2012 CLR wells reveals that CLR generally does not put "TFH" in a well's name. In fact, all three Charlotte wells, testing different TF benches were all simply "H" wells.

Based on the fan shape, I will suggest that they are all middle Bakken wells. Perhaps there is information at the exhibit that I missed.

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