Thursday, August 2, 2012

Foie (dis)gras -- Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Bakken

Yes, I have been following this story -- I'm in California and it's hard to miss. I probably would not have posted it, but someone sent me a link to good to pass up. So, from City Journal: the “foiepocalypse,” or the banning of foie gras.

Most interesting thing in the linked story: the number of ways folks will get around the law.

Thank you to a reader for sending me the link.

What's most interesting to me about this is the "real" story regarding the feeding of these animals. Again, one gets the feeling that the folks who penned the legislation (or promoted the legislation) had never been on a farm, and had certainly not researched (honestly, seriously, and in an unbiased manner), foie gras. I used to be "against" foie gras, but no longer. Very, very interesting.

In 2006, Chicago became the first jurisdiction in the United States to ban foie gras. Within two years, the city council, with the strong backing of then-mayor Richard Daley, overwhelmingly repealed the ban in the face of similar defiance. Scofflaws were so commonplace that offending establishments had even earned a special sobriquet: “duckeasies.”

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