Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nice Human Interest Story in the Dickinson Press

Link here.
... a recent scan of the Walmart parking lot in Williston showed license plates from 25 states.
.... the North Dakota Department of Commerce provides a glimpse into which states’ residents seem to be most attracted to North Dakota.

In the first six months of this year, the state’s relocation program added nearly 2,700 names into a database of people potentially interested in moving to North Dakota....

Minnesotans topped the list of interested movers (242) followed by Californians (195), Washingtonians (169) and Floridians (159). North Dakota’s relocation program was contacted by someone in every U.S. state and ...
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  1. Yep Minnesota is on top of this list. Business and Gopher State citizens are a steady stream flowing to North Dakota.

    Business because they are staring at the very real possibility of bankruptcy and individuals see no real opportunity and unemployment or welfare is not all that desirable.

    Quite a dramatic reversal. North Dakota use to be a outflow state to Minnesota. Now Minnesota is the outflow state to North Dakota.

    Load up that Amtrak train in St. Paul for western North Dakota. Start motor coach service to the same destination.

    Of course this isn't admitted locally they are still in a state denial full of resentment, jealousy and envy that this has happened with North Dakota being so successful.

    1. It's my feeling that once a "people" are inculcated with a certain philosophy/way of life, it takes a long, long time to change, even in the face of dire circumstances. I grew up about the time Humphrey-Mondale-Dayton were coming of age politically and have seen Minnesota's "progress." So, it's been two, three, four generations of lifestyle for them; difficult to change.

      Fortunately, cities and states cannot print their own money. California cities are starting to fall fiscally like dominoes; and, if the referendum to raise state taxes in November in California is not passed, California will be in very dire (that word again) straits. (Fortunately the bullet train to nowhere has already been funded. As noted by the governor, he closed his eyes while signing the bill -- or at least when he thinks about it.)

      I like to think Minnesota is more "sane" than California, and once the first Minnesota city files for bankruptcy, folks there will start to make changes at the top. My hunch is I'm too optimistic.

  2. You are most likely right about "inculcated with a certain philosophy/way of life". The closing of the mind and don't confuse them with fact.

    So it looks like Minnesota will have to wait until the old geezers of the 1960s and 1970s counter culture revolution die off or are no longer able to hold sway in the public discourse. Any place that was able to hold on to tried and tested common sense are the real hope for our country.

    I too came of age during that time but didn't buy into the counter culture. I guess I was raised with the strong importance of standards and values.

    1. The Greeks and Spaniards have held on for a very long time. Minnesota could have a long wait. Smile. Ah, they will do fine. I'm in a great mood this morning.