Friday, February 10, 2012

Oil Patch Tour of in an Urban Setting -- Los Angeles --

I had never thought of looking for a YouTube video of this subject but it makes sense. I've always been impressed how the Californians have adapted so well to having sucker rod pumpers next to their homes and businesses. In the residential areas, one hardly notices them. In some areas, they are part of industrial parks and look like such. But, in general, not an eyesore except to some. For everyone who does not like them, there is one who loves to see them, such as me (or is it, "such as I love to see them"?).

Here's the YouTube link. I only watched part of it, so if there is something in the video you think I should note, let me know. I will watch it later, after I get some more notes up.

"Anon 1" sent this -- early this morning. Thank you.

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