Monday, January 30, 2012

Commissioning New Pipeline -- Getting Oil Trucks Off the Highway -- Four Bears Pipeline System -- Bridger Pipeline, LLC

The Four Bears Pipeline begins just west of New Town and runs 77 miles south through McKenzie, Dunn and Billings counties to existing infrastructure near Belfield.   It delivers 80,000 barrels of crude oil per day to the Butte Pipeline at Baker, Mont., and another 25,000 barrels per day to the Bakken Oil Express Rail Terminal at Dickinson.
One can only imagine how many oil trucks will be taken off the road now that this pipeline is on-line. Eighty thousand (80,000) bbls/day to Baker, MT, and another 25,000 bbls to Dickinson. I'm impressed. One little ol' pipeline.

(Yes, it's a regional link and will be broken soon.)

The rest of the story is, like most stories, in the Bakken, incredible:
Bridger Pipeline began work on the Four Bears Pipeline in the fall of 2010 and worked through one of the worst winters in North Dakota’s history to finish in late spring 2011. [I wonder how often the subject of "global warming" came up among the workers?] Three different regional contractors constructed the line through tracks that crossed the land of nearly 100 landowners and tenants.

Four Bears Pipeline began running crude oil in June of last year and became fully operational in September. It receives loads at terminals in Keene and Killdeer, along with other gathering systems along the line. Before this line was up and running, a truck making deliveries to Belfield could have a round trip of up to 232 miles per load.

That distance was cut to as little as 30 miles per load with the introduction of the Four Bears Pipeline.
One of thousands of success stories in the Williston Basin. Meanwhile, "occupiers" at camped out in various urban centers around the US, protesting something or other.

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