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Preliminary Study Regarding The Middle And Lower Benches Of The Three Forks -- Geo News -- December 9, 2018

This was posted as an update to an earlier post but it is too important to be lost, so I am reposting it:
Don sent me a link to an article in the January, 2018, issue of Geo News. It should download as a pdf on your desktop:
From that article:
There is currently limited geological information available regarding the petroleum geology and economic importance of the middle to lower Three Forks.
Resource assessments of the Three Forks Formation have ranged from approximately 2 to 4 billion barrels of recoverable oil, but these assessments have been limited to the upper Three Forks (Nordeng and Helms, 2010; Gaswirth et al., 2013).
This article reports the preliminary findings of a recently initiated study on the origin and distribution of oil saturations within the middle Three Forks. It also reviews the present production footprint of 2nd bench horizontal oil wells and projects their potential future distribution.
In addition, I am examining oil saturations and hydrocarbon production in the lower Three Forks (3rd and 4th benches).
The author is Timothy O. Nesheim.

As noted, this article is a "work in progress." Unless I missed it, the author did not provide estimated reserves in the middle or lower benches of the Three Forks.

Don suggests it is likely that this paper is part of the ongoing USGS survey of the Bakken/Three Forks.
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