Saturday, January 27, 2018

Week 4: January 21, 2018 -- January 27, 2018

Trumped. Internationally, the biggest story was President Trump's reception at Davos. Enough said.

Invisible: government workers took the weekend off; send "thank you" note to Senator Schumer.

Venezuela: Canadian oil, selling at steep discount, will replace Venezuela oil in the US.

Taking the wind out of global warming. The other big international story this week: Denmark joined Germany in walking away from the Paris Accords.

By the way, speaking of wind energy (the Denmark story), juxtapose these two recent articles:
... with this posting from April 15, 2016: Warren Buffett bets the (wind) farm on Iowa

Solar. And, of course, while on the subject of global warming, I can't resist posting one of my favorite graphs from just a few months ago:

To end badly? Something tells me the purge in Saudi Arabia is not going to end well. Read between the lines of this article at The Wall Street Journal.

Coals to Newcastle. The biggest international energy story, without question, is the LNG shipment coming to Boston this weekend, originating from Siberia, Russia. Google Russia LNG import Boston. Note all the hits and where the hits are coming from. Everyone knows the story line. As much attention as this story is getting, this blog, yours truly, was on the third page of hits. A couple of my favorite links from that google search:
Look at the original ULR for that Bloomberg article: Interesting, huh?

Bloomberg does not once mention:
  • the Marcellus
  • the Utica
  • Pocahontas
Historic drawdown. The biggest natural gas story nationally was the drawdown. Incredible. The graphs are worth a thousand words, as they say. No wonder we are importing LNG from Siberia. LOL.

Bakken strikes back. The biggest story coming out of the Bakken was certainly the news that Hess and Targa are forming a joint venture to build a 200-million cfpd dry gas processing plant. This is not trivial. To understand how big this story is, google Hess Targa 200 and see all the hits, and where they are coming from.  In addition, the story was a "headline" story over at Yahoo!Finance these past few days, and it is still there today:

The Big D. And in addition to that, RimRock, a start-up, announced a $400 million gas gathering system for the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. A "start-up" is getting funding from someone or someones. Something tells me the story behind the story is bigger than the story itself. Stay tuned. Something tells me there's a former ND politician involved. Just saying.

66: WTI flirted with $66 all week. But no matter what "they" tell you, there's still a huge glut of crude oil in the US and it will still take 20 weeks to re-balance (unchanged from the previous week).

Big Stories Coming Out Of The Bakken This Past Week

EOG "returning to the Bakken: permits for a 6-well Austin pad in Parshall oil field
New Williston airport could affect neighboring oil field operations
BR Dimmick Lake well with jump in production
Kraken Operating with increased activity in the Bakken
Random note regarding MRO activity in the Big Bend area
A huge Petro-Hunt Charlson well comes back on line
Update of a poorly-performing CLR well
A huge number of wells came off the confidential list this week
Random update of a BR Jerome well with a jump in production
Random update of a huge short-lateral EOG well
Random update of a BR Copper Draw well
Random update of another MRO re-fracked Bailey well

Too early to tell if a CLR Buelingo well was favorably impacted by neighboring frack
CLR reports an 86-stage frack 

ONEOK's plan to boost Bakken takeaway capacity

Bakken deals
RimRock acquires some Whiting assets
List of HRC (Halcon) wells transferred to Bruin

Bakken 101
Update on Bruin E&P
Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 
The irrelevance of rig counts
Misconception regarding super-light and ultra-light grades

Three Forks
Geologic update of the middle Three Forks 
Natural gas
RimRock to build a $400 million gas gathering system in the Fort Berthold area
Hess-Targa, NG processing plant -- biggest Bakken story of the week

September, 2018, data updated  

Bakken economy
1,900 job positions in Williston remain unfilled
January, 2018, Legacy Fund deposits posted

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