Monday, July 17, 2017

Netflix Soars! China's 2Q17 GDP: The Full Story? -- July 17, 2017

Someone knows:
  • Netflix is spiking. Results not yet reported. 
  • Now reported:
    • soaring, better than expected subscriber additions;
    • misses EPS; 15 cents vs 16 cents
    • revenues beat: $2.79 billion vs $2.76 billion estimated
  • guidance stronger than expected
    • $2.96 billion guidance vs expecting %2.88 billion
  • tipping point: greater than 50% now international subscribers 
  • analysts
    • CNBC: a blowout quarter
    • cord-cutting continues; a DVD-to-streaming moment; analyst thinks this is an inflection point; "when you have this big of a blowout, it's a big, big deal"
    • huge blow to Apple; Apple too stingy; won't spend money on video production; did Apple miss "the next big thing"? could Apple use "Apple TV" to build a moat around the "TV experience?
  • after hours, shares are up about 7%
  • this is so much fun; back on March 21, 2013, I started a new thread called "the next big thing"; I started the thread because of a discussion I had with my son-in-law at the time; he was betting on Vudu, Hulu. I was betting on Netflix. 
  • had these numbers been announced before the market closed, the market would have hit new highs across all three major indices 
  • a page from Amazon's playbook? shares soar as subscribers, debt pile up
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By the way, on the "next big thing" thread, I mentioned "grocery products" on February 9, 2017, just months before Amazon got into grocery. My post on grocery back in February:
Grocery products: upstream (production); midstream (distribution centers); downstream (retail stores). To cut costs, Kellogg will eliminate midstream (distribution centers), instead delivering directly to retailers' warehouses. I assume other producers/wholesales will follow suit. February 9, 2017.
The Press

This only caught my attention because I thought China's 2Q17 grew faster than forecast. The New York Times story and lede:
So, how was it that China's 2Q17 grew faster than forecast? The NYT never mentioned that one way or the other.

Reuters, on the other hand did provide the whole story, but one has to admit that the headline was a bit hyped. There's not a lot of difference between 6.9% and 6.8% when it comes to forecast.

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