Saturday, February 6, 2016

One Hitch At A Time -- February 6, 2016

Whether you enjoy the video or not (I love the video), I learned a lot from this comment that was posted with the video:
He's not in HIS kitchen, he's in the crew shack on the rig location, about 75 yards away from the rig on which he works, away from his family, before or after a 12 hour day.
How he's presenting himself is what every Roughneck is familiar with after 12 hours day or night in whatever weather nature decides on. His attire is only about comfort not what you deem acceptable. That is his home away from home shared with at least 9 other guys for 7, 14 or 21 days straight. The fact that he is taking time away from when he could be sleeping or eating to perform a song obviously dedicated to loved ones speaks volumes and encompasses how we all feel when we're on hitch.
So please, no more left handed compliments from the peanut gallery. The fact that this had to be explained means precisely that you will never understand.

One Hitch At A Time, Bryan Martin

There's a lot of similarity between deployed US Army personnel and "deployed" roughnecks. My hunch is that US Army personnel have a better support system, but in the end it probably all comes down to one's "wingman" or "wingmen." (I apologize for mixing metaphors.) 

I believe the video was posted on YouTube in August, 2014, just before Saudi announced "no cut in production." A lot of hardworking roughnecks are not working tonight because rigs are coming down. 

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