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Memo To Self: Lindahl Wind Farm -- February 6, 2016


May 7, 2017: the wind farm is now up and running. Additional data points:
  • owned by Enel Green Power North America, an Italian company specializing in renewable energy
  • capable of eliminating 450,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year (that's theoretical; of course it will never come close)
  • now said to be a $220 million "facility"
  • developers now given approval for feasibility study for an adjacent wind farm, to be called Another Scam the Aurora Wind Project
Original Post 

This post will eventually help me understand data points regarding wind farms. Note the data points below. This wind farm is "rated at 150 MW." It will have a mix of 75 wind turbines; some will be 2 MW; some will be 3.3 MW.

If all 75 wind turbines were rated at 2 MW, this wind farm would be rated at 150 MW, I suppose.

If all 75 wind turbines were rated at 3.3 MW, this wind farm would be rated at 250 MW, I suppose.

But the wind farm is said to be a "150-MW-wind farm" with a mix of 2-MW and 3.3 MW wind turbines with 75 wind turbines. I'm sure there is a simple explanation.

The best data point will be the actual wind energy output posted on an annual basis. Let's see if that data is forthcoming three years from now. 


Keep your eye on this project. I will write about it at a later date, the wind farm north of Tioga, the Lindahl wind farm.

Data points:
  • 75 wind turbines; 2 to 3.3 MW each
  • 150 MW
  • approved December, 2015
  • four (4) miles north of Tioga
  • 13,000 acres
  • there are no bald eagle nests within 20 miles of the wind farm
  • Tradewind Energy; wind farm will be sold to Basin Electric Power Cooperative
  • construction will start in early 2016 and will be completed by the end of the year
  • estimated cost: $248.5 million 
  • $248.5 million / 150 MW = $1.7 million / MW
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