Friday, January 23, 2015

Twenty-Four (24) New Permits -- North Dakota -- January 23, 2015

The NDIC did not file the Friday daily activity report by Saturday morning. It appears the NDIC issued twenty-four new permits on Friday. Remember: permits are only issued if the NDIC feels the wells will be drilled in a timely matter.

Twenty-four (24) new permits --
  • Operators: HRC (12), CLR 4), MRO (3), OXY USA (2), Whiting (2), BR
  • Fields: Antelope, Eagle Nest, Brooklyn, Bailey, Fayette, Pleasant Hill, Croff
  • Comments: interesting, huh? In the old days one would have been looking at 12 - 20 operators being issued 24 permits, and an expectation that there would be 12 - 20 rigs drilling these wells; these 24 wells can probably be drilled with six rigs. But they still all have to be fracked (eventually); this is all pad drilling on established pads, as far as I know (did not confirm; it's called an educated guess)
I track permitting projections here. At the moment, the NDIC is on track to issue more permits in 2015 than they did in record-setting 2014. 

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