Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on Williston Story About Luxury Suites -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Link here back to one of my original posts on this story.

Anonymous sent me an update from the Williston Herald, but since some folks may not read comments, here is what was sent to me:
Hmmm...maybe this Winterton Suites is the Elks bldg after all. This was in today's paper, and I am copying and pasting from the article.
Approved: a "Renaissance Zone" application from Williston Building, LLC, to make a $500,000 improvement to the Elks Building in downtown Williston. The building, which is no longer owned by the Elks, will become a a "boutique" hotel with restaurant and bar.

I'm not sure $500,000 would be enough to renovate the bldg into 25 luxury suites, but maybe this is just the amount they are asking for in relation for the Renaissance zone part of the deal? 
The Elks' building is pretty huge and cool. I can see it a quaint luxury hotel.
For newbies, the Elks building isn't exactly downtown -- it is, but it's not on main street -- it's a block or two east of Main Street in a very nice residential area. Yes it would be an interesting building for luxury suites. 


  1. Always have thought that this was one of the grandest facilities. Had a family reunion there about 1o years ago.
    Rich C (Tubejig.SD)

    1. Yes, it is quite the facility, for any city, and especially for a small town on the prairie.

      I hope they put tons of money into renovation and make it even more awesome.