Friday, January 27, 2012

Triangle Petroleum Schematic for Multi-Pad Drilling in the Bakken, North Dakota, USA

  • Two 1280-acre units side-by-side
  • One 4-well pad in each 1280-acre unit
  • Four long laterals running north from each pad (a total of 8 long laterals)
  • Alternating "middle Bakken" with "Three Forks" long lateral
  • Terminal separation: 1,230 feet between laterals in same formation
  • Source: Triangle Petroleum, corporate presentation, January, 2012
Corresponds with what others are doing

Confirms that fracking is effective about 500 feet radially; 1,000 feet diameter

Triangle states: it has a lack of near-term lease expirations

Zipper frac

Multi-pad drilling: saves about $25,000/rig move (~ $225,000/8 wells)

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