Friday, January 27, 2012

Another CRYO Natural Gas Processing Plant -- Follows On The Heels of The ONEOK Plants -- Plains All American Ross Gas Plant -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Ross Gas Plant to be built by Plains All American Pipeline data points
  • a cryogenic gas processing plant
  • "deep cut ethane plus recoveries and specification product fractionation"
  • purity ethane, specification propane, butane plus raw-make NGL stream
  • 50 - 75 million cfd (compare to 100 million cfd at each of three ONEOK plants)
  • to be on-line by 2Q13
  • will deliver pipeline quality residue gas into Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Company's transmission system
  • the facility will include rail-loaindg and storage facilities
  • first phase: capacity to trans-load 8,500 bbls/day of NGLs and 20,000 bbls/day crude oil
  • second phase: 4Q12; unit train loading of up to 65,000 bbls/day, to be served by a new 16-mile, 10" crude oil pipeline from PAA's Robinson Lake pipeline near Stanley, ND
The press release did not state a dollar amount for the project.

A big thank you to MD for sending me this link.

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