Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sunday Night Notes, Part 1 -- December 8, 2019

WTI: trending toward $60. Could we see $60 by the end of the week? At one time oil bulls would have been thrilled with $60-oil, but things are so bad for so many operators, it seems there is little excitement with the current price of oil. 

China-US trade: date to watch -- December 15, 2019.

Impeachment: date to watch -- Friday the 13th -- December 13, 2019. Body language and public statements by US House democrats suggest not all is yet sorted out. This is a big deal: taking out a duly-elected president with flimsy material. So, we'll watch. The daily presidential tracking poll should be interesting. Link here. Currently President Trump is polling the highest he has polled pretty much through his entire presidency. I'm sure Nance Pelosi is aware of the polling and discussing it with Jerry Nadler.

Dow futures: Sunday night futures don't mean squat ... but, having said that, Dow futures tonight are up a bit.

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