Monday, September 2, 2019

Texas Renewable Energy Scam; Notes From All Over, Part 1 -- September 2, 2019

A continuation of "those not paying attention are missing an incredible investing opportunity."

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Beef: this is one of many stories suggesting the US beef story is likely to get better, much better, especially in Asia. From The WSJ: ravenous China could spice up US meat stocks.  Connect this with the China pork story, from the linked article:
China’s plummeting hog population is a tailwind for U.S. meat producer Tyson Foods, despite the trade war.
For much of 2019, U.S. pork has faced Chinese tariffs upward of 50%. But the value of U.S. meat exports in aggregate was still up 8.3% on the year in June, the fastest growth since May 2018.
The reason: The enormous pork shortage is sucking meat into China at an astonishing rate. Total meat imports in July were $1.7 billion, up close to 90% from the year before.
Comment: making America great.
Texas Renewable Energy Scam

"Green New Deal" preview? Georgetown, Texas -- scammed ( Interestingly enough, I posted this story back on January 29, 2019.

Texans pay more for electricity now than other major markets. A wholesale price record is to blame. One company, Griddy, is paying a steep price.
Did you hear that the wholesale cost of electricity in Texas this month spiked to around $9,000 a megawatt hour? At one point, wholesale prices were said to have surged 36,000%.

Those aren't typos. Bloomberg News reported, "It's a record that has turned the Lone Star State into the most expensive place to buy power in all of America's major markets."

One Plano customer sent me his bill showing he paid almost 25 cents per kWh. His bill for only the first two weeks of August is a whopping $641.

Most electricity customers are locked into fixed-price contracts. They don't feel that kind of pain. These contracts are supposed to protect them from sticker shock.

But there's one group of customers that was hit especially hard. This group had little protection. These are customers of Griddy, which says it offers customers wholesale prices "by connecting them directly to the grid" without middleman markups.
And now from Dallas News, Texas to scrutinize "misleading" electricity plans on Power to Choose website. Some Texas electricity plans advertise prices as low as 2.3 cents per kilowatt hour, but could end up costing a customer four or five times more.

I've wondered for four or five years why electric rates seem to be so high in Texas. Only because we don't need much air conditioning or heating our bills are reasonable, but the rates are ridiculous.

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