Thursday, September 28, 2017

BBC Remains Conflicted -- The Political Page, Part 2 -- T+251 -- September 28, 2017; China Blinks

The personal attacks on President Trump continue but he's the first president who is finally getting around to doing things that should have been done a long time ago. And he's getting results.

Past presidents were co-conspirators in North Korea's move to ICBM-nuclear weapons. President Trump still has a number of arrows in his quiver before he even has to consider the military option, and already we see significant results.

The BBC is reporting:
China to shut down North Korean companies.

China has told North Korean companies operating in its territory to close down as it implements United Nations sanctions against the reclusive state.

The companies will be shut by early January. Joint Chinese and North Korean ventures will also be forced to close.

China, Pyongyang's only major ally, has already banned textile trade and limited oil exports.

The move is part of an international response to North Korea's sixth and most powerful nuclear test.
We might see little rocket man launch a flurry of ICBMs tomorrow and he may test an H-bomb over the Pacific Ocean this weekend, but the tea leaves certainly suggest little rocket man finds himself in a box. Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama -- never did a thing to stop North Korea. Amazing what a little tough talk can do.

In that short BBC article linked above, the writer did not have enough space to put the word "Trump" into the story, simply calling it an "international response."

Obviously the BBC is very conflicted over all of this. It doesn't fit the narrative.

If North Korea launches a nuclear-tipped ICBM targeting Guam, would one rather have Dirty Harry in charge, or Barney Fife?

NFL Blinks

The tea leaves suggest that the NFL is going to stand during the National Anthem. The controversy will continue but there's no question the NFL knows their fans really are patriots.

Later: I assume the game is over. I don't recall who is playing; I don't even care who won. I'm most interested in who stood / who didn't. That's what the NFL is doing to its fans: more interested in the pre-game show and no longer caring about the game itself.

Sanctuary Cities

And this is why I always thought sanctuary cities made so much sense, like shooting fish in a barrel, as they say.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 101 people for immigration violations in Los Angeles as part of a broader operation targeting sanctuary cities, netting nearly 500 arrests across the U.S.

According to ICE, "Operation Safe City" focused on cities and regions where "ICE deportation officers are denied access to jails and prisons to interview suspected immigration violators or jurisdictions where ICE detainers are not honored."

A total of 498 people from 42 counties and multiple cities were arrested as part of the operation, an ICE press release stated. The operation came to a conclusion on Wednesday.

Of these individuals, 101 were from Los Angles; 28 were from Baltimore; 30 were from Cook County, Illinois; 63 were from Denver; 45 were from New York; 107 were from Philadelphia; 33 were from Portland, Oregon; 27 were from Santa Clara County, California; 14 were from Washington, D.C.; and 50 were from Massachusetts.
Look how much money the federal government saves not having to plan sweeps across the country. They can simply target sanctuary cities. Reminds me of the answer Willie Sutton gave when he was asked why he robbed banks -- "because that's where the money is."

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