Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Political Page, T+160 -- June 29, 2017

Dismantler-In-Chief: Jeff Sessions is dismantling Obama's legal legacy (whatever that was) according to Bloomberg. One could also say he is getting back to enforcing the nation's laws as written by the US Congress and not promulgated by President Obama's executive orders. Whatever. I went through the article very quickly; nothing there seemed particularly noteworthy. The writer noted that Mr Sessions must have a lot of time on his hands simply because he recused himself from going down that Russian rabbit hole.

Dumping on Arizona, Nevada. I saw this article some time ago, or a different version of the same story, at a different site. Much could be written about it. It could go on the "market and energy" page but this particular slant suggests it should go on the "political page." Whatever. If I had more time, I would write more about it. The implications are endless.

The Big Lebowski: chills when it comes to President Trump. Good for him. A breath of fresh air.

Down and Out at MSNBC: Greta Van Susteren "out" at MSNBC. Wow, that happened fast. It was such a non-story, it was buried at the Drudge Report. When will Wolf Blitzer be fired?

Geico Rock Award Nominee for 2017: former Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, on CNBC says we need more projects like Southern Company's Kemper project. Link to follow if I ever find the video link. I guess he knows his legacy is tied up with the never-ending story.

Governor Cuomo: fighting global warming, fighting fracking, fighting sugary soda, apparently left Governor Cuomo spread too thin -- he forgot all about some very basic needs of his fellow New Yorkers: a modern transit system. CBS Local is reporting that Governor Cuomo has declared a state of emergency for the MTA; that Governor Cuomo calls the transit system’s state Of decline ‘unacceptable’ (with a "capital U"). I assume Elon Musk has a solution; just give Musk 100 days and he will solve this problem also.

ICYMI: Connecticut, Illinois in dire economic straits. Fox News has the update. Top three states with the worse credit ratings: Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut. Some interesting details:
  • fifteen states have not passed a budget; deadline is June 30 (tomorrow); includes Connecticut, Illinois
  • Connecticut's deficit: $5 billion
  • Connecticut:$240 million cash in its 'rainy day fund -- only five states with a smaller cushion
  • governor of Connecticut: Democrat
  • Connecticut state government: first time in decades -- not in Democratic hands; state senate tied at 18 - 18; Connecticut is historically a blue state
  • Aetna, GE have recently left; Xerox, Sikorsky, Vineyard Vines have promised to stay
  • Connecticut's unemployment recently rose from 4.5% to 4.9%

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