Monday, November 28, 2016

Winter Storm Blanche To Hammer North Dakota; Perryville Hub Update, Part 2 -- RBN Energy --- November 28, 2016

Blogger over at Outrun Change visited Williston over Thanksgiving. A must-read.

Wow: huge winter storm (rain) hitting DFW area this morning. 

Fake news? OECD says Trump's policies could lift global growth? From The WSJ. Wow, everything I heard during the campaign was that a Trump presidency would be bad for the US economy, and incredibly bad for the world economy.

Active rigs:

Active Rigs3764184191184

RBN Energy: Perryville Hub's pivotal role in transforming US natural gas flows, part 2.

DAPL: winter storm Blanche expected to put up to a foot of snow in the Standing Rock Reservation area. Under blizzard / storm watch now; will persist today through Wednesday. Expect to see quite n exodus. North Dakota travel information with camera views.  Minot area, HD Highway 1804.

Bismark-Mandan area, just north of Standing Rock Reservation:

The Weather Channel has just (8:15 a.m. Central Time) said it could get very, very "ugly" over the next 48 hours. One wonders if the USACE waited too long to get the folks out of harm's way. The Corps wanted the move to start as earl as November 10th or so, but the Obama administration delayed the eviction notice until November 25 and the deadline for closure until December 5.
Cuba: MSNBC -- on Castro's death, Trudeau, Obama got it wrong; Trump got it right.[Update, 11:32 a.m. Central Time: Trudeau was so surprised by Canadian reaction to his Castro tribute, he has canceled plans to attend the funeral. One wonders whom Obama will send. Joe?]

The Recount: if it wasn't bad enough the first time around, now we get to re-live the campaign and the vote for a second time. CNN is going to love it.

The Graphic Page

The Literature Page

This might be a good week to avoid watching the markets; the volatility could be quite jarring. Maybe it will be a good week to read.

I'm in my Edmund de Waal phase, reading his two most recent books side-by-side. The first book is his story of the family's netsuke. The second book is about Chinese porcelain.

On every page it seems I learn something new. I now "understand" the front page of The WSJ: above the fold is the news; below the fold is the feuilleton. The Los Angeles Times is a daily feuilleton.

Our older granddaughter loves history and geography. I've been trying to figure out how to learn the geography of China.

A screenshot of China:

An early attempt to help me remember the map (and surprisingly, it works):

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