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Williams County Building Permit At 220 2nd Avenue East? Old MDU Building? -- August 5, 2016

I cannot thank a reader enough for taking time to provide update and links regarding new construction in Williston. I am duplicating a screenshot and placing it here, temporarily, so that it shows up as a thumbnail in the appropriate locations.


August 6, 2016: see first comment (and reply):
Yes, Williams county is renovating the old MDU building and attaching a new 3 story office building to it. This link shows the rendering:
You will also be seeing a 35 million permit in the next couple months, I believe. Mountrail Williams Electric is replacing their current office with a new 4 story. It will be out for bid mid August. See this link:
$35 million is not trivial. Not even in the Bakken.

Screen shot of that intersection as it looks now, looking directly east down east Broadway. The "old" MDU building, now the Williams County Administrative Building (CAB) is the low one-story to the right, on the southeast corner, I guess. The three story structure on the left is the Williams County District Court:

Proposed new Williams County Administrative Building:

From the JLG site:
The goal of the project is to provide much needed administrative space with the purchase and addition to the old MDU building (20,000 SF).
In addition to revamping the old MDU building and a three story addition (28,896 SF), the project is also focused to connect the Williams County Buildings downtown to create a true ‘campus’ feel.
This added office space also is paralleled by the need to add more courtrooms to the original Williams County Courthouse that is across the street. The Courthouse 10,000 SF renovation project will add several courtrooms and improve efficiency by the relocation of Municipal Court and the Court Clerks to the main level.
As long as we are it, here's a screenshot of the proposed Mountrail-Williams Electric Co-op's new building. I believe this will be located at the co-op's present location, on the west side of Highway 2 north of Williston, across from Spring Lake Park:

Original Post
JE Dunn has a $13 million construction permit at 220 2nd Avenue East, Williston, North Dakota, June, 2016. I believe this is the "old" MDU building. The permit says the building is now owned by Williams County.

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