Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Remember: Hillary Wants To Ban Fracking -- July 12, 2016

From the Obama administration, over at Twitter: "Shale oil and condensate production in Ohio reached a high of almost 22 million bbls in 2015."

In addition, according to the Obama administration, Ohio had the 2nd highest year-over-year increase in natural gas production in 2015. The increase is from 1,300 fracked wells.  In Ohio, 1,075 Utica wells have been fracked and 29 Marcellus wells have been fracked, something Hillary does not support. She has been very, very clear on this.

The EIA says "we've" issued over 5,231 Utica wells to be fracked. I'm not exactly sure what he (Scott Kell, EIA) means by "we." But again, these are fracked wells which Hillary does not support.

Scott Kell, EIA, does note that fracking does NOT cause earthquakes (seismicity, as they call it), but rather seismicity, according to the EIA, is associated with salt water disposal: "Ohio was the first state to promulgate rules regarding seismicity caused by brine injection." But then this -- a bit of "hedging": "we've had about 90,000 stimulations with only three wells producing seismicity from hydraulic fracturing in Ohio."

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