Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Closing Out One Poll, Posting A New Poll -- July 12, 2016

Closing out the poll in which we asked, what percent of automobiles in Germany are EVs, rounded to nearest full percent? The answer was 0%.

New poll: today, President Obama will visit Dallas to eulogize the five slain police officers. The slaughter of these police officers created great soul-searching among some in the "Black Lives Movement." Will President Obama give BLM a shout-out; encourage them to "continue the course"?

The poll at the sidebar at the right will be up for a very short period of time.

Later: after posting the poll and the short note above, I happened across this op-ed while reading today's WSJ print edition.  Google healing after dallas without Obama wsj.

Later: this is also the topic of talk radio in Dallas-Ft Worth today -- just announced (8:16 a.m. Central Time). 

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