Thursday, July 23, 2015

Random Look At Three New EOG Permits -- July 23, 2015

Years ago when I was first starting to blog, I spent a lot of time learning what the names of various wells meant, the numbering system used by operators, etc., which was:
  • helpful for figuring out formation targets when the wells were still confidential; and,
  • helpful with small-talk at cocktail parties in the Bakken.
Most interesting to me was the numbering system used by EOG. Generally, wells numbered 1 to 99 were thought to be middle Bakken wells, and wells numbered 101 to 199 were thought to be upper Three Forks wells. The numbering system was being developed before there was much public talk about the lower two or three benches. Some of the numbers did not match the final target, but often the final target was changed after the initial permit was approved.

Regardless, over time, that exercise outlived its purpose:
  • I had a pretty good feeling for what formations were being targeted and by which operator; and,
  • I quit going to cocktail parties in the Bakken. It appeared women were not interested in such trivia. 
Having said that, it was interesting to see some new EOG permits now with 4XX -- I'm not even going to hazard a guess what formations EOG is targeting with those permits. This is where the new EOG wells will be sited:

I follow the Austin wells here. I have not updated that site because there are just so many Austin wells and I have only so much time. The purpose of the blog is to help me understand the Bakken. I try to keep things updated but understanding the Bakken is more important than OCD updates.

By the way, understanding the Bakken requires putting the Bakken into perspective and that's why I report on ObamaCare, jobs, economy, the stock market (follow the money), politics, culture, etc).

I also track Austin wells at the "monster" well page.
Some of the wells in the immediate location of the proposed EOG Austine 43X 3-well pad:
  • 17120 (same section): 2,051, EOG, Austin 10-34H, one section, open hole, 2 million lbs, t8/08; cum 875K 5/15;
  • 17111 (section immediate to the west): 1,341, EOG, Austin 24-33H, one section, open hole 1.6 million lbs, t6/09; cum 779K 5/15;
  • 17078 (section immediate to the east): 1,212, EOG, Austin 25-35H, one section, open hole 1.9 million lbs, t10/08; cum 408K 5/15;

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