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Nineteen (19) New Permits -- North Dakota -- January 13, 2015

Scroll down to the "producing wells completed." Check out the three Whiting wells. They are all "KOG" wells / Koala wells in Poe oil field, all on the same pad, lot 4, section 4-151-99. Pretty nice wells, huh?

Nineteen (19) new permits --
  • Operators: Hess (5), MRO (4), Statoil (3), CLR (2), American Eagle, Petro Harvester, BTA, Whiting,
  • Fields: Robinson Lake (Mountrail), Murphy Creek (Dunn), Alger (Mountrail), Cabernet (Dunn), Skjermo (Divide), Portal (Burke), Bicentennial (Golden Valley), Pleasant Hill (McKenzie)
  • Comments:
Twelve (12) producing wells completed:
  • 24002, 2,490, Statoil, Syverson 1-12 4H, Stony Creek, t12/14; cum --
  • 26927, 1,323, BR, Crater Lake 11-14MBH-R, Hawkeye, t12/14; cum --
  • 27261, 1,204, Emerald, Slugger 5-16-21H, Charbonneau, t12/14; cum --
  • 27408, 3,272, Whiting/KOG, Koala 4-4-29-1H, Poe, t11/14; cum 4K 11/14;
  • 27410, 2,444, Whiting/KOG, Koala 4-4-28-3H3, Poe, t11/14; cum 6K 11/14;
  • 27503, 1,675, Hess, BB-Budahn A-150-95-0403H-8, Blue Butte, t12/14; cum --
  • 27612, 603, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-8, Alger, t1/15; cum --
  • 27681, 892, Hess, EN-Pderson-LW-154-94-0408H-2, Alkali Creek, 4 sections, t1/15; cum --
  • 27706, 1,440, BR, Haymaker 44-22MBH-A, Elidah, t12/14; cum --
  • 27796, 949, Hess, AN-Evenson-152-95-1003H-7, Antelope, t12/14; cum --
  • 27825, 2,351, Whiting/KOG, Koala 4-4-28-4H3, Poe, t12/14; cum --
  • 28226, 300, Triangle, Paulson 150-101-23-14-4H, Rawson, t1/15; cum --
Wells coming off the confidential list today were posted earlier; see sidebar at the right.

Wells coming off the confidential list Wednesday:
  • 21963, drl, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-95-26A-35-2H, Eagle Nest, no production data,
  • 27848, 144, OXY USA, Dakota Meyer 2-19-18H-143-97, Crooked Creek, t7/14; cum 10K 11/14;
  • 27924, conf, OXY USA, Elroy Kadrmas 5-3-10H-143-96, Fayette, producing,
  • 27979, 879, Emerald, Billy Ray Valentine 1-8-5H, Boxcar Butte, t7/14; cum 29K 11/14;
  • 28064, conf, Oasis, Helling Trust Federal 5494 43-22 4B, Alkali Creek, no production data,
  • 28538, 872, Hess, BW-Norgard-149-100-1102H-3, Ellsworth, t11/14; cum 24K 11/14;
  • 28553, drl, XTO, HM Hove 34X-33D, West Capa, no production data,
  • 28625, conf, CLR, Mildred 5-19H1, Brooklyn, producing,
Vecta reports a dry hole:
  • 21155, PA/dry, Vecta Oil & Gas, Mark KOK 15-1, Plaza oil field, a Madison well, Mountrial County, this well is in the general vicinity of several very nice Madison wells;
One recompleted well:
  • 16071, Armstrong, Hanisch 26-1, Moraine oil field, first spud 1/06; Duperow, 10/13/PNA; Silurian, 4/14/AL; Silurian, 4/06/dry; Winnipegosis, 4/14; dry; Silurian, 10K; Duperow 93K; others insignificant; recent production:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Government Borrowing Costs Tumble
The collapse in crude oil prices, which on Tuesday approached six-year lows, is proving a mixed blessing for central banks. While lower energy costs should stimulate economies, in continental Europe in particular they risk creating damaging deflation pressures — expectations of further general price falls that prompt consumers and businesses to shelve spending decisions, weakening growth.

Yields on five-year UK Gilts fell below 1 per cent – their lowest level for more than a year – after official data showed UK annual inflation was just 0.5 per cent in December, a 15-year low. Meanwhile, German five-year yields have been hovering around zero since the start of the year.
US 30-year yields have also fallen closer to historic lows recently, although they edged higher on Tuesday. UK Gilts also rebounded later in the day.
Connecting The Dots

Late last week a reader sent me the link to a PDF regarding food stamps, year-over-year comparisons, 2013 / 2014 for all 57 states. It was notable that food stamps were down in almost all states year-over-year. There were two outliers: California and Nevada. Not only did the number of food stamp users go up in each state, the increase was almost 10%.

I assume Nevada's state economy is pretty much driven by the Las Vegas city economy. And Las Vegas is driven by California.

If California's economy is failing to improve, one would suspect food stamp usage would increase in California. Likewise, if the California economy is failing to improve, one might expect problems in Sin City.

Don just sent me an interesting link. The Wall Street Journal is reporting
Caesars Entertainment Corp. ’s largest unit will file its own Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition, as planned, despite an involuntary bankruptcy proceeding initiated against it by bondholders.
I assume Las Vegas is home to some of the 50 casinos and hotels. I assume Atlantic City is struggling also.

Electric Charging Stations In China -- An Update

Business Insider is reporting:
Elon Musk has taken the stage at the Detroit Auto Show, speaking at the  Automotive News World Congress at the Renaissance Center in Downtown Detroit.
He dropped a bomb right away when he said that Tesla sales are down in China for the fourth quarter of 2014. 
That sent Tesla stock into a tailspin after-hours, down 6% to $192.
The problem, according to Musk, is perception: potential Chinese customers don't think China's charging network is sufficiently built-out to ensure that the cars can cover significant distances. He said that perception has been dealt with.
In fact, the Chinese charging network is slated to expand, but it's currently not nearly as extensive as what Tesla has in the US and Europe.
Imagine that.
Now They Are Really Grasping For Straws

We can now add volcanoes to the list at this pdf: https://tallbloke.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/climate-predictions.jpg.

YahooWochit is reporting:
Study: Global Warming ‘Pause’ Caused By Small Volcanic Eruptions by Wochit 0:43 mins Small volcanic eruptions have helped cause a “pause” in global warming over the last 15 years, according to a recent study from scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
When volcanoes erupt, they emit tons of sulfur dioxide into the sky, which can have a cooling effect on the atmosphere.
Scientists at Livermore labs now say that a series of small volcanic eruptions during the 21st century could explain up to one-third of the so-called pause in global warming.
“This new work shows that the climate signals of late 20th- and early 21st-century volcanic activity can be detected in a variety of different observational data sets,” Benjamin Santer, LLNL scientist and lead author of the study, said in a statement.
Yes, volcanoes have only recently appeared on earth. LOL. What about cows and methane?

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